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About Concentrated Aloe Corporation

Concentrated Aloe Corporation (CAC) is located in Ormond Beach, FL. CAC was established in 1987 and provides the industry’s largest selection of Fair Trade and Organic Certified Aloe Vera. In addition to Aloe Vera, CAC also offers a variety of other natural and functional raw material to the Food, Health, and Cosmetics industries.

We are committed to the development of sustainable processes and strategies to minimize environmental impact while embracing socially responsible practices that equitably benefit the farmers and communities that CAC partners with to produce raw materials.

We constantly train our personnel all their relevant areas to increase their efficiency and competency, for this reason, everything we do exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Gobal, Functional, and Natural

We have more than 30 years of experience providing exceptional natural and functional raw materials. Our commitment to freshness and purity goes beyond general requirements and expectations. All CAC botanicals, including premium natural oils and herbal extracts, are grown and processed specifically to preserve their functional qualities, as found in nature.

Keeping our certifications and to comply with the requirements of our Quality Management System based on the cosmetic, food grade, and dietary supplement regulations are our top priorities to guarantee the reliability of our products.

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Why Choose Us?

Commitment to sustainability.

Concentrated Aloe Corporation strives to be on the technological leading edge of our industry. CAC practices extensive quality control measures to ensure that our botanical products are simply the best. We utilize sophisticated analytic techniques such as DNA Barcoding, HPLC, GC-MS, and NMR so that we can guarantee the quality, purity and authenticity of our botanicals.

Commitment to quality.

We are dedicated to having a positive impact in the communities across the world where we produce our botanicals. CAC upholds the ethic of fair trade and organic business practices by investing in the communities where we operate and only working with partners who share our values of sustainability, quality, and respect for the environment.

Fair Trade Community Partnership

Concentrated Aloe Corporation has strong ties to the community of Guastatoya. Our partnerships in the community allow us to guarantee our customers the highest quality aloe vera in the industry.

CAC participates in Fair Trade Community programs that are designed and managed through a committee composed of farmers, labor, and other stakeholders. Community programs include the “Fair Financing” community lending hub, this program provides low cost, accessible, and convenient financial services to organic aloe vera farmers in El Progreso so that they can implement capital improvement and improve agricultural output, incomes, and the local economy. Fair Trade community development funds also pay the school fees for all school-aged children of VE-CAC employees in Guastatoya.

It is only through our close collaboration with the aloe farmers and the community of Guastatoya that CAC is able to give our customers the widest range of organic aloe vera products on the market. These are partnerships that we are proud of.

Where our products come from

Guastatoya, Guatemala

Raw aloe vera leaves are purchased from local farmers and processed into a wide variety of products at our facility, Vegetal Extracts S.A., just outside of Guastatoya. This organic facility employs 60+ team members from the local community of Guastatoya. The entire CAC team is dedicated to the highest standards of consistency and quality, from hand-filleted aloe leaves to precise quality control; we guarantee the best and purest aloe vera gels, powders and concentrates.

Our Guatemala Location

CAC’s Aloe Vera is grown exclusively in the hills and valleys surrounding Guastatoya, Guatemala. Sitting in the dry corridor of Guatemala, the sun soaked hillsides of Guastatoya provide the perfect climate and conditions for growing the highest quality aloe vera. CAC Aloe vera products are of the highest quality and are produced in accordance with the standards of organic and fair trade.

CAC – Vanuatu

Concentrated Aloe Corporation sources some of our most distinctive products from the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is known for producing the best quality Nangai and Tamanu oils. CAC Tamanu and Nangai oils are sustainably wild harvested from the tropical forests of Vanuatu and processed using traditional methods.