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Guatemala is a geographically small country, sitting immediately south of Mexico, that is rich in cultural and geographic diversity. Spanish is their official language, however, millions of Guatemalans speak at least one of the country’s 21 Maya languages. The heart of the ancient Maya civilization, Guatemala is also home to towering volcanoes, steamy tropical rainforests, and coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. This high degree of geographic diversity means that nearly every agricultural product can be farmed in some region of this country.

El Progreso

El Progreso is an administrative department within the country of Guatemala approximately 100 Km. east of the capital, Guatemala City. El Progreso possesses a tropical semi-arid climate that is ideal for growing Aloe vera. Other popular crops grown in El Progreso are corn, cashews, citrus, and melons.


Guastatoya is the capital of the Department of El Progreso. With approximately 30,000 residents, Guastatoya is a close-knit community where the majority of people make their living in the agricultural sector. Outside of the urban center of Guastatoya, most residents of El Progreso reside in small communities known as Aldeas that are scattered across the hills and countryside.

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