Social Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable Botanical Ingredients

CAC is dedicated to agricultural and manufacturing practices that embrace environmental responsibility. We go beyond the requirements of Organic Certification to incorporate traditional, mixed-use agricultural systems that preserve biodiversity, care for natural soils and are economically fruitful for farmers.

Socially Responsible Systems

CAC strives to be an industry leader in socially responsible ingredients. This commitment starts with ongoing and in-depth collaboration with local stakeholders, strong support for agricultural producers, and universal respect for labor. Our focus on growing a robust, diversified, and equitable supply system provides customers with high quality, reliable, ethically produced botanical ingredients.

Smallholder Farming

CAC sources Aloe vera leaves from Independent, locally operated, and organically certified farms in El Progreso Guatemala. These smallholder farms range in size between 0.5 and 5 Hectares and operate as diversified polycultures. Producers grow such crops as limes, mangoes, maize, and cashews nearby Aloe Vera in mixed-use systems that preserve the soil, maintain crop biodiversity, and produce goods throughout the year.

A diversified smallholder supply network holds many advantages. Maintaining local land ownership preserves environmental integrity and economic security for the community that produces these raw materials. Independent producers constitute a network of locally owned small businesses, which make up the backbone of a rural agricultural economy and allow for wealth accumulation in the hands of local stakeholders.

Organic Certification

Concentrated Aloe Corporation and our raw material suppliers are EcoCert Organic certified. We proudly display our organic certification to customers and competitors as a statement about our values. CAC supports Aloe Vera producers with organic certification on an ongoing basis by sponsoring enrollment, audits, and logistics for all independent producers.

Fair-Financing Lending Hub

CAC sets aside a portion of revenues to operate a Fair-Financing Lending Hub that provides accessible interest-free loans to Aloe Vera farmers in El Progreso Guatemala. This program removes systemic barriers that independent farmers face to expansion and capital improvements, such as lack of access to financial services. This builds a more equitable, sustainable, and robust supply system where local stakeholders are allowed to grow alongside CAC’s own growth.

Aloe vera producers have accessed these loans to construct wells, install irrigation, expand fields, and renovate existing Aloe Vera fields. As a result of these improvement projects producers realize more revenue/profits, more high-quality Aloe Vera is produced, and wealth is generated that remains in the local community.

Agricultural Extension

CAC carries out a range of agricultural extension activities and workshops among Aloe Vera producers in El Progreso Guatemala. CAC-Guatemala’s staff of trained agronomists work alongside the community of farmers and local businesses to promote the adoption of sustainable agriculture methods such as organic fertilizer, water-smart irrigation, erosion control, Intercropping, and adoption of new crops.

Importance of Traditional Agroforestry

Concentrated Aloe Corporation sources sustainably wild-harvested raw materials from traditional agroforestry systems to produce naturally active botanical oils. These oil-containing seeds and nuts are harvested from forest gardens that are owned and managed by the communities that call them home.

Traditional methods of agroforestry that produce unique, value-added, non-timber forest products, like CAC’s cosmetic oils, place a tangible economic value on natural forest lands. This economic value not only deters from deforestation (typically for cattle or palm-oil production) but also serves as a way to preserve natural biodiversity and traditional knowledge.